Abby Ambrosio
I am Abbigail Colleen G. Ambrosio. 20 year old, Visual Artist.


Masha P photographed by Amber Gray for Marie Claire China, February 2012 

@buzzxbie’s graduation. Trying out a new photo workflow from camera to web. This might just work. (Taken with instagram)

Ohai! its-a-me! :]
Taking sides is stupid. Especially when you’re not even fuckin involved in the situation.
— a friendly reminder


Spent my Sunday afternoon having a fun photoshoot with Hydee, Abby and Eanne. All of them are my models and each others MUA for the day. (Thanks, gurls!)
It’s the first time that I used the 2nd-hand strobe that I bought with the old one that I have. Probably going to need another one with an umbrella and stand just because. Gawd, what a pricey hobby.
Tried printing some of the shots. I couldn’t figure out how to correct the colors (or blacks) being printed out. Output is kinda greenish. I’m using a modified Canon printer with an ink tank (I hope the tank is not causing it). How can I correct it? Thanks.

Let’s print moar photos! :D
fruitstoeatreblogs-deactivated2: "Hi! I think I saw you sa Greenbelt? :P"

that wasn’t me. haha. madalas akong nakikita kung saan-saan, kahit nasa bahay lang naman ako 24/7. haha. im not sure, but i think i have a twin. :))  

I shot the serifs. *Pew pew pew* Goo’night. ;)
Hollaa. ;))


i want one! :D

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We’ve got obsessions
I want to erase every nasty thought that bugs me every day of every week.